Fast and lightweight errors tracking service

Platform documentation

Hawk.so is a clever and easy-to-use error tracker. It collects all your code exceptions and errors and helps you to improve applications.

Please, welcome to our simple user guide.

Getting Started

Integration scheme contains three steps. Your need to register, add domain and install one of our Catchers.

Create an account

Follow /join link to access registration form. Leave working email, and we will send your password. You can change it any time later.

After this you'll be entranced by internal section. We call it Garage.

Register domains

Now, look at the sidebar. There will appear all your registered domains. Touch «Add domain» button to create your first.

Fill domain name and submit form. You are beautiful, that’s it.


All registration procedures passed, next step is installation of some error Catchers. They're simple scripts that collect exceptions and deliver them to the Garage.

Add server handler

Currently, we provide Catchers for the next languages:

This list will be expanded soon. If you can code, you can implement your own Catcher.

Add client handler

To deliver JavaScript errors we provide fast and non-blocking Socket-based Catcher.

Get JavaScript Catcher

How to use. Include <script>tag loaded from CDN or local cloned examplar.

<script src="hawk.js" async></script>

Next, initialize module with your Token.

    hawk.init(“Your Token”);